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Medical Service

Bearing “Passion for Science, Compassion for People” in mind, IMH is committed to providing patient care with state-of-the-art technology to reduce the burden of mental disorders on individuals and societies. The inpatient services currently consist of general care units, pediatrics ward, geriatrics ward, clinical psychology ward, special medical service ward, sleep medicine center, and rehabilitation center for mental disorders. We also provide services including medical therapy, physical therapy (modified electric convulsive therapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroacupuncture, etc.). Our psychiatric outpatient services include general outpatient services, expert outpatient services, advanced specialty services, multi-expert consultation, as well as special services for eating disorders, addictive behaviors, sleep disorders, memory disorders and psychiatric rehabilitation. The liaison psychiatry department provides advice on mental health issues for other general hospitals.

The center of clinical psychology is a joint effort of the IMH, the department of psychology, and the division of clinical psychology in the department of medical psychology of Peking University. The center provides crisis intervention, family psychology therapy, psychological therapy for neurosis, subject psychoanalysis, child psychology intervention, functional behavior analysis for problem behavior, etc.

The IMH is designated by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration as a base for clinical trials of psychiatric drugs. So far, hundreds of clinical trials and efficacy tests have been completed.

The IMH periodically holds activities for the Beijing Association for Rehabilitation of Autistic Children, Alcoholics Anonymous, relatives of dementia patients, and relatives of schizophrenia patients. In order to help these patients recover faster, the IMH also organizes self-help groups for depression patients, Constructive Living Therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, activities for patients recovering from eating-disorders, etc.

Contacts have been established with foreign embassies and international hospitals. The IMH provides excellent mental health services for residents in all parts of China and for foreigners living in China.